Political Campaign - Integrated Media


It’s really not all that often in advertising that one gets to create the strategy for a political election campaign, and to execute it successfully to boot. With partners Artikel & Swint I helped Nigel Bowen get elected Mayor of Timaru in New Zealand in October 2019. Our campaign focussed on the core issue of transparency that had catalysed the electorate. However, our theme of ‘My Door is Open’ outflanked the other candidates by allowing us to focus on multiple issues, not only emphasising the transparency that voters felt had been lacking in the Timaru Council in the past, but also allowing us to showcase our candidate’s open door policies to new tourism initiatives, economic growth, a new CBD and a more sustainable water plan. In the process, we used media ideas that worked to our ‘open’ them wonderfully – included a Direct Mail ‘Open Invitation’ to voters, and an ‘Open Letter’ discussing the issues of the campaign in the local press. Ultimately, the simplicity, the honesty, the tone and the ubiquity of our single minded message prevailed, and Nigel Bowen was elected by a sweeping margin.

Artikel & Swint
Integrated Campaign – Direct Mail, Digital, Outdoor, Press, Radio