Hearing Australia Press Campaign


Today it’s extremely unusual to be briefed on a campaign where the main element is newspaper media. However, that’s exactly what we were required to do here, and in 2018! This project took me back decades – to a time when newspaper was my favourite advertising media. This campaign for Hearing Australia addresses the main problem preventing hearing sufferers from getting their ears tested, even when they know they need to – the stigma of wearing a hearing aid. It’s an approach that suggests that in fact wearing a hearing aid is not so bad – it can even be quite cool. We did a number of campaign options for this brief. As a freelancer, you don’t always get to see what happens with your work once you leave the building. However, this is the campaign I would have selected, simply for its feel-good character, which I believe would have been extremely engaging, and thus both memorable and effective . :)

Senior Copywriter (Freelance(
April 2018