Digital CRM


As the copywriter heading up Audi’s digital copy, I executed the brand’s re-invigorated loyalty program – which included defining an appropriate tone of voice, and creating a writing style that exemplified Audi, and that was right for its CRM one-on-one comms too. Making the work more sophisticated was a key strategic consideration for me – as we had evidence buyers of the luxury Audi marque were churning to mass market competitors. We needed to convince existing owners that there were social benefits to owning an Audi, and position the brand as one with luxury advantages that went beyond just owning the car. All this had to done while conveying the usual nuts and bolts messages of the program. Here are many of the trigger EDMs associated with the program, covering all eventualities for participating customers, as well as some other loyalty related copy on the site.

Senior Copywriter (Heading up all digital copy for Audi)