Audi R8 Interactive Microsite Case Study


Not involved in the conceptual creation of this work, as the newly appointed Senior Writer heading up all digital copy for Audi Australia’s digital agency, I was tasked with creating the case study. The concept itself is simple and elegant, but in digital work perception is reality. Without the right framing in the case study I believe this work would not have garnered the awards it did – in Spikes Asia, the One Show, and Audi’s own internal global work recognition platform, where it received a Gold. Well done to the creative team. However, I was not given a credit, which is a controversial issue frankly, and ended up being one of the reasons I decided to leave the agency involved. One cannot, after all, separate concept from execution – and in digital work drafting a case study astute enough to be able to position the work to win awards is integral to both concept and execution. I do not believe this work would have done as well without me there adding my touch – in the case study and the award entries – and so I have included it here. After all, the designers get credited when they were not part of the conceptual team, as do even the suits, as does the Creative Director. Copy crafting of this kind is a rare and exceptional skill, and the next time I am required to do such a thing I will insist on due recognition upfront.

Holler Australia
Senior Copywriter in a Head of Copy capacity for Audi Australia