Blackmores Case Study (Digital Activation)


Not involved in the conceptual creation of this work, I nonetheless had to create the case study for awards entries. It was not a simple task, for the idea, though in many ways groundbreaking, is unwieldy and complex. The technology behind the idea, and the very supposition itself, were incredibly difficult to explain in lay terms and it required a very deft hand to bring the ingenuity of this activation to life. There is an art to winning awards, and presenting concepts in such a way that the strength of the concept, its effectivity, and its relevance, become readily apparent to judges. I was the unheralded and uncredited writer – the one with the writing skills the junior creative team did not have – who had to make that happen. The role fell to me, as the functioning Head of Copy, and though I receive no credit as either a Creative Director or a copywriter, I would argue that in such cases it is simply impossible to separate concept from execution. This work went on to feature at the celebrated One Show Awards. I honestly don’t believe it would have done anything without the long copy crafting I put into it, which is why it has been included here. I have since left that agency, unsurprisingly.

Holler Australia
Senior Copywriter in Head of Copy capacity