Web Videos Medical Product Launch

Senior Copywriter
April 2014

ResMed is a leading manufacturer of complex medical products that address sleep apnoea and other sleep disordered breathing afflictions. Not only are their solutions complex medically, they employ complex digital and data systems to enable doctors, suppliers and patients to monitor their progress and to fulfil the enormous requirements needed for them to comply with state and medical body regulations. Through these data solutions doctors are able to prescribe machines directly according to a highly specific diagnosis, and trade suppliers are able to monitor patients to receive state reimbursement for their businesses. Patients, on the other hand, are able to monitor their ongoing progress and adapt their treatment according to the data.

The first of these two videos had to explain to consumers, doctors and other health professionals just how innovative and wide in scope ResMed’s new solutions were. It had to help to relaunch ResMed and their latest product suite at the forefront of the field. It also had to speak to all concerned parties – the end user, as well as both trade specialists and doctors. Not only was there an awful lot of complex and technical information to convey in clear and bite-sized sentences, the communication had to have a brand-building component too. Oy vey!

The second video, on the other hand, had to speak directly to the trade – professionals who have to run tight businesses based on the success rate of the treatments they provide. It had to detail the enormous benefits of ResMed’s new connected care solution (the comprehensive on-board digital communications in their machines) and it had to show how these innovative solutions worked across the entire process – from the original diagnosis by the doctor, to ongoing treatment and monitoring. In short, it was every bit as complex as Video 1!

To make such abstract and complex messages possible in one seamless communication, I wrote two scripts that personified ResMed’s solutions, showing them as living beings (balls of living light) and speaking of them as if they had personal attributes. They had to be seen to be helpful and productive –
hard at work solving the various business and medical tasks assigned to them. While I had no power over the actual execution, the scripts delivered what might ordinarily have been an impossibly complex message as simply as possible, while adhering to the industry’s severe compliance requirements.

Mission accomplished.