On-Board Tourist Destination Booklet


I was hired to help rebrand global luxury brand Scenic and spent nine months recalibrating every aspect of their brand. That meant rewriting and overseeing every communication they undertook. It was a huge project, and we were remarkably successful in delivering a top-notch creative product out of nothing. The strategy was based on the notion of wonder – not a unique USP for travel companies, but perfectly suited to this high-end global brand . The company offers truly unique all-inclusive travel experiences to and through some of the most wondrous travel destinations in the world. I was able to use a highly poetic writing style to produce some real gems, and this is one of the highlights in the campaign – an on-board destination booklet selling the romance and wonder of other destinations in the Scenic offering to those on board one of their luxury European river cruising vessels. This is easily one of the most beautifully crafted pieces of writing in my portfolio. Please take the trouble to read some of the individual destination pieces later in the booklet. As a writer I am immensely proud of it. And, as an advertiser, I think we made wonderful use of the opportunity to cross-sell the Scenic experience emotively and in a way befitting the new brand. In short, both creatively and strategically it’s among the best work I’ve ever done.