Press & Poster Campaign


As part of a nine month project i was responsible for helping to rebrand luxury global travel brand Scenic. This was a huge undertaking. However it’s always very satisfying to be involved in a new brand identity from its inception. I was pivotal in establishing a new brand tone for this leading luxury travel provider, involving huge amounts of writing and advertising work – from conventional ad media like press campaigns to in-depth high-end brochures (more like magazines), complete with itineraries that encompass travel in almost every corner of the world. I was the sole writer involved for almost the entire project, and the writing output required was considerable. In essence I wrote several book-length pieces in my nine-month stint, and helped to launch the brand in every media category. The highly emotive and craft-intensive writing involved suited my unique skill set to a T, as I was able to employ both my background as a creative writer and a journalist, and my strategic and advertising know-how. Here is part of the Press & Poster campaign that I wrote. Please see other projects displayed here for a more complete picture of the broader campaign.

Senior Copywriter
November 2014 to July 2015
Press and Poster