Digital and DM

A fully integrated Telstra campaign for T-Box

A comprehensive digital/DM campaign that uses data in a far smarter way.


This is a comprehensive campaign to sell the Telstra T-Box – a unique offering that provides a core selection of FOXTEL channels. The beauty of this campaign lay in its use of smart data. We were able to illustrate how, in an ideal world, we would hone the right data across all elements to speak to our prospects in a uniquely targeted way. All the variable data employed has been highlighted in pink. The campaign included DM and eDM elements, as well as a landing page that would enable us to acquire more data. It incorporated several touchpoints – our first contact point focused on product benefits. Our second contact focused on price to sway those who had not been persuaded on the product benefits alone. Our third contact point utilised a passion point – sport – to get prospects who’d not yet acted to buy into the package. All elements were designed to make maximum use of data and online and offline elements were created to work in one seamless campaign.

Telstra (RAPP)