Samples of my copy craftsmanship from Westpac's Altitude Rewards Brochure.

Rewards Brochure

ALTITUDE PORTFOLIO – A DIFFERENT KIND OF REWARDS CATALOGUE: I was required to write an entire Rewards Brochure for Altitude – a Westpac Credit Card. The brief was to make it compelling – something recipients would hold onto. After all, a rewards program only works if people redeem on it regularly and, unfortunately, most brochures are binned very quickly. Our solution was to present the brochure in a magazine format, with interesting articles and compelling, readable product copy that went far beyond standard product writing. We branded the piece Altitude Portfolio and, along with some crafted copy and high gloss imagery, we produced an entertaining magazine format brochure that exceeded expectation in both its execution and its results. The samples included here are intended to showcase another copy stye in my armoury – Magazine-style journalism.