CreativeBank Auckland

THE AUDI A3 LIMITED EDITION: During my time in New Zealand I created dozens of integrated through-the-line campaigns for Audi. Our budgets were very limited, so we invariably needed a campaign idea that could be adapted across all elements – from press to DM to dealer POS. The unique Single Minded Proposition of the Audi A3 at the time was that it had leather seats, distinguishing it from its VW equivalent, and other rival models. The DM for this campaign featured a leather smell impregnated into the paper. Our central campaign icon featured a lounge suite arranged to look like car seats. This allowed us to include Bo Furniture in a cross promotion – prospects could win the expensive leather Bo lounge suite featured in our campaign if they came into the dealership for a test drive. As well as featuring the furniture in our dealership display, we convinced Bo to place the Audi A3 in their showroom too. It was a complete and seamless campaign, with excellent results. In fact, our cars were sold out well before schedule, prompting the client to import more.