*Finalist – Cannes Press & Poster
*Finalist – The One Show
*Gold Loerie
*Bronze Eagle

Leo Burnett Johannesburg

GUN FREE SOUTH AFRICA, ‘30 LIVES’: We purchased created spaces in the obituary column of a prominent Johannesburg daily and left them blank. Our message was displayed in a strip at the bottom of the page. At the time, 30 people were being shot and killed every day in South Africa and this was an extremely effective – as well as cost-effective – way of conveying that grisly statistic. The ad featured very well in award shows around the world, including Cannes and the One Show, getting finalists in both shows, and won a Gold Loerie and a Bronze Eagle. PLEASE SEE ‘ABOUT’ FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF AWARDS. NOT ALL MY AWARDED WORK IS DISPLAYED HERE. YOU MAY CONTACT ME FOR FURTHER DETAILS.