What I love about digital work is that you often get to do things that have simply never been done before. The internet may have been around for decades, but in business terms there are still a great many new frontiers. Cook & Co was an innovative idea from the Nestle group to create a site for work lunches. The idea was to operate as an enabler – allowing people who love to cook homemade food access to a marketplace of people who love to eat it. And vice versa. It’s an entirely new world of localised supply and demand online. Think of it as the ‘Uber of food’. From me, all it required was addressing the two markets it catered too – foodies and cooks – and applying some age old branding tools to help build this start-up from the ground up. That began with a headline heavy on brand recognition, and copy that made the benefits both beguiling and bleedlingly obvious. Please explore for yourself by visiting the site at

Senior Copywriter